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Jonathan Lefkowitz

I have been a practicing attorney for twenty years, representing clients in the national, international and local arenas. I provide services and counsel over a variety of matters and my clients range from individuals, small businesses as well as nonprofit and religious organizations. I spend my time working with  my clients instead of working on updates to my website.The best way to to contact me is by telephone at 646-216-8380 or by email at jon (at) lefkowitz-law (dot) com.PGP Fingerprint 4748 5C39 48FC 8F9D 40DC D798 68AB C6A8 4BAF AA89.Most forms of remuneration accepted, including cryptocurrency and checks. Depending on the project billing will be done hourly or as a flat rate.This website is considered Attorney Advertising.  Jonathan Lefkowitz is responsible for the material on this website. Please note that an attorney-client relationship is not created by viewing this website or by sending an email or making a telephone call to my office.